Welcome to DRONA Sports Club

Welcome to DRONA Sports Club! Established in 2016, our club is driven by a passionate vision to offer unparalleled sports facilities to all enthusiasts. Situated in the heart of Edamalaipatti Pudur, Trichy, DRONA Sports Club is a haven for sports lovers seeking top-notch experiences.


Our pride lies in the meticulously crafted environment we provide. With BWF wooden standard badminton courts, we ensure that your every match is played on a professional-grade stage. The courts are designed to elevate your game, whether you're a novice or a seasoned player.


But that's not all – we go beyond the boundaries of conventional sports offerings. At DRONA Sports Club, we've also raised the bar with an International standard snooker board. Whether you're a cue artist in the making or a seasoned player, our snooker facilities promise a world-class experience.


Join us in Edamalaipatti Pudur, Trichy, where DRONA Sports Club isn't just a place to play sports; it's a place where dreams are nurtured, skills are honed, and camaraderie flourishes. Discover excellence in sports facilities and an environment that echoes with the spirit of competition and sportsmanship.